Innovative Financing Method Makes Solar An Obvious Choice

Proyecto Terra is a Mexican company founded in 2015. It offers an innovative financing method, installing and operating solar panels for businesses and private users who receive savings on energy costs in return.

By Cas Biekmann | Mon, 06/08/2020

Jaime Martínez: CEO and Founder Proyecto Terra

Q: What are Proyecto Terra’s most prominent developments?

A: We have simplified the transition to solar for energy users. This includes financing, operation and decision-making. Our financing method makes it a competitive choice to switch to solar energy as part of distributed generation. Clients can come from either the industrial, retail or residential spheres and receive large savings on their energy bills. We understood from the start that there is still a lack of understanding regarding solar energy. This translates into clients seeing risks that are not there, deciding against investing in solar energy and taking on higher energy costs than necessary. We understand that new users are nervous, so we offer to take on the costs of installing and maintaining the solar panels. We sell energy at lower prices to the client and benefit from the extra energy generated ourselves by selling it to companies that financed the installation. By taking on the initial risks, we make it easier for our clients to switch to solar. Four years ago, we sold our first system. We now have a 15-18 percent market share for the installation of solar panels in Mexico´s public sector.

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